"a Passion for Development "

" The best way to cope with change is to help create it "

What we do

We work closely with clients across industries in professional advisory services. We focus on helping solve client problems by offering both strategic, organizational and operational deep industry expertise. We build strong and long-lasting relationships with companies and organizations, always ensuring to bring the best insights and solutions to help them tackle critical issues they may face. Our Consulting practice currently focuses on several core industry sectors including Consumer and Industrial Products, Manufacturing, Services, Energy, Government, Health Industries, People and Organizations, and Technology. We help organizations realize their visions through our interventions.


Advising clients on strategy realization through better design, synchronization, and enablement of their strategies. These are typically medium to short term engagements where we advise and support clients on the design of organizational solutions. Our advisory and consulting practice focuses on helping our clients solve their most critical and significant business challenges. Advisory places emphasis on guiding our clients in the right direction and providing the plans, frameworks, and tools needed to execute solutions for their business. We cut through organizational complexities and provide reflective solutions which are implementable and promote sustainable results. The consulting that is provided is always done through the lens of execution. This leads to very detailed roadmaps and solutions which can be easily handed over to our clients for implementation. We use a pragmatic approach and ensure that solutions are aligned to the organization’s resources and capabilities. We believe that a mismatch between strategies and organizational resources and capabilities often leads to failure at execution.


Longer-term engagements where we drive the execution of the organization’s most strategic initiatives and actions. Once strategy is designed the execution begins, these engagements typically involve overseeing and executing an organization’s strategic goals and initiatives. The facts are well known; real change is not easy. The statistics prove that 70-90% of strategies and change initiatives do not meet the expectations initially set. Our implementation practice involves longer term engagements where resources are staffed to overlook, support, and implement the proposed solutions designed in our advisory and consulting work. When needed, we take over and ensure internal staff are capable of handling after project completion. In this type of work, usually a Strategy Execution Office and/or Project Management Office is setup and run to drive the execution of initiatives and strategy. In addition, special task forces deployed to ensure the efficient and effective execution of initiatives. Engrained in all our projects is a change management stream which revolves on focusing, anticipating, and mitigating barriers and risks related to the change that is aspired to be made.

Capability Building

Up-skilling the workforce to build strategic competencies which will allow for better execution in the organization. This involves consulting and developing staff in various areas such as strategy execution, performance management, and innovation. To really execute strategies effectively it is important that individuals of the organization have the right strategic tools and competencies in place. Strategy execution is a team sport, where all employees of the organization become de-facto strategists. Our capability practice offers innovative and certified advisory and development programs geared to enhance your organization’s capabilities to execute strategies. Our suite of advisory programs covers the most pressing domains of strategy execution and are done or can be done in-house in your organization. Our advisory is customized to fit the specific needs of your organization. It is differentiated through the use of qualified consultants who have both the theoretical knowledge as well as deep practical experience on their respective areas.

Our Expertise

We are one of Middle East’s leading advisors. Our clients come from diverse backgrounds and industries. However, they all have one common interest and bold desires to transform their organizations and achieve sustainable results.

Evaluating and setting the portfolio direction for a multi-sector diversified business.

Implementing and operating a full-fledged performance management framework.

Organizational design and restructuring.

Setting up and running the office of strategy management.

Developing a growth strategy for industrial Organizations

Developing a customer engagement strategy

Our Offering

We work hand in hand with our clients on


 (alignment of corporate and business unit strategies)

  •  Corporate Strategy Development 
  • Business Unit Strategy Development
  • Strategic Alignment and Cascading 
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Performance Management and Improvement
  • Balanced Scorecard Implementation

The environments in which today’s organizations operate in have become more dynamic than ever. The pace of change is requiring organizations to react quicker than ever. Strategy today requires more focus, and organizations need to be more agile in adapting to this change. In fact, 74% of organizations claim to spend more time in developing strategy than years past. Although planning and design are key, the real obstacle organizations continue to face remains in execution. It is no secret that the majority of strategies still fail, not due to flaws in design but failures in implementation. From unclear visions, to lack of business alignment to an impeding culture, there are many reasons for failure. The organizations that get execution right, view strategy as more than just a plan, but a framework of moving parts which propel organization to new frontier.


(operation, process and budget alignment to strategy)

  • Operational Strategies
  • Lean Management
  • Quality Management
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Innovation
  • Project and Initiative Management

Convertas helps companies improve operational performance to make significant impacts on the bottom line. Optimizing operations is a major challenge considering the complexity in today’s globalized world. We deploy a pragmatic approach which focuses on the big ticket items that impact performance the most and have a sustainable effect on performance. With a sharp focus on speed, flexibility, and efficiency we make a mark on the organizations that we work with. Moreover, we are experts in translating strategy into operations and making it more actionable and deployable across the organization. This integration which bridges the gap between strategy and operations is critical for effective strategy implementation in organizations. Our range of offerings on operational consulting is diverse, however, there is a focus on five key operational practices.

Organization & Culture

 (structure, systems and culture aligned to the strategy)

  • Leadership Development
  • Cultural Transformation
  • Human Capital Advantage
  • Change Management
  • Organizational Structure & Design
  • Technology Design and Implementation
    In today’s dynamic world, people and culture have become organizations’ real sustainable competitive advantage. Advantages in business are coming and going at faster rates, and thus people and the culture they represent remain the key driver for edging competition. The most critical and common obstacles to strategy realization are usually related to the organization. Hence, at Convertas our projects always put a major emphasis on this area.


(Skills Development and career advancement)

• HR Management                                  • Strategic Management

• Operations Management                 • Project Management

 • Materials & Supply Chain                • Contracts & Claims

• Finance & Accounting                        • Leadership, Communication & Skills

• Quality & Safety                                    • Sales, Marketing & Customer Relations

• Administration & Secretarial         • Relief & Development

As people don’t remember much of what they read or hear, our methodology relies more on the use of audio-visual impact which is more effective than the lecture style. Presentations, videos and simulations methods have proven to be very effective for people to remember. Moreover, doing and teaching are the best vehicles for learning and remembering. This means involving the trainee in the teaching process by interacting, through completing worksheets and inciting to explain and present what is acquired. Trainings are held either as public courses for 3 to 5 consecutive days in hotels venues in a conference setup or at the client’s premises as in-house courses. We also handle Individual Training Programs (ITPs) for individuals requesting courses to be tailored to their scope of work or to their needs. These are one to one coaching style available for most of the courses.