Strategic Planning for Academic Management

Who Should Attend

This course is designed to provide the school administrator with the conceptual framework and knowledge essential to the development and implementation of strategic plans.  Particular attention is given to the leadership skills necessary to direct an effective strategic planning initiative.  The strategic planning process is also examined in the context of a shared decision-making environment and the comprehensive school improvement planning process. However, the course is taught in such a way that it is applicable and relevant to leadership in other organizations.

·   Set Mission Vision and Objectives of the Academic organization
·   Study in depth the SWOT analysis and all its components
·   Learn other tools of analysis (e.g. PEST)
·   Develop and implement strategic plan 
·   Utilize information sources, data collection, and data analysis strategies
·   Create continuous school improvement
·   Insure the vision shapes the educational programs, plans, and actions. 
·   Understand the Types of strategies and their use
·   Prepare action plans for implementation of strategic plan
·   Implement and monitor strategic plans

·   What is an organization?
·   Introduction to strategic planning and planning challenges facing organizations.
·   Role of leadership in the planning process.
·   Comparison of different planning models including mega-planning.
·   The sub-conscious level thinking and its impact on human character
Strategic Planning
·   The strategic planning process and using planning tools.
·   Clarifying organizational mandates and how they impact planning.
·   School Improvement Planning VS Strategic Plan
·   Why strategic Academic planning
·   Vision and Mission Statement
·   SOWT analysis and its comparison with other analysis tools
·   Practical work on SOWT analysis
The Planning Process 1
·   Identify and understand role of stakeholders in the planning process.
·   Identifying the ideal vision, clarifying beliefs, and defining mission
·   Needs assessment, including environmental scanning using SWOT’s analysis.
·   Types of strategies and their use
·   Introduction to different strategic planning tools:
·   Porter’s Competitive Forces,
·   Moore’ Public Value Strategic Triangle,
·   MacMillan’s Matrix
The Planning Process 2
·   Identifying and framing strategic issues.
·   Developing the strategic plan; tactical and operational plans.
·   Challenges of implementation; integrating quality management.
·   Setting your strategic goals
·   Strategic objectives
·   Competitive and functional strategies
·   How should a strategic planning document look like?
Implementation and Monitoring
·   Evaluation, assessment, and revision of strategic plans.
·   Accountability for planning.
·   Analysis of actual institutional planning processes and planning documents.
·   Strategic action planning exercise
·   How should an action plan be for implementation of strategic plan
·   Monitoring strategic management
·   Using results for motivation of your team

This workshop is necessary for any level of management, team leaders, school administrator, directors, CEOs, business owners, and project manager. It is also a need for consultants, and freelancers.

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