Public Private Partnership Workshop

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Involvement of private sector in public ventures is widely growing. In various sectors it has given excellent outcomes. It is an excellent opportunity for both the government and the private sector. The parties will require qualified managers and this program can assist managers involved in PPPs to enhance their capacity in required skills and competencies.

·   Define scope of work for PPP ventures
·   Plan PPP ventures carefully and systematically
·   Evaluate the implications of regulation on PPPs
·   Conduct  PPP pre-feasibility study
·   Financing for PPPs
·   Involvement of private partners and economic growth
·   PPP procurement and bidding management
·   PPP contract management
·   Evaluate PPPs

·   Background of PPPs
·   Common types of PPPs
·   Successful models
·   New developments in PPPs
·   Out-put based aid
·   Feasibility studies to design PPPs
·   Cost-benefit calculation and value for money
·   Criteria for screening projects
·   Planning for and managing risks in PPP
·   Engaging consultants to assist with the PPP process
·   Models of financing PPPs
·   Challenges in financing PPPs
·   The shareholders management in PPPs
·   Considerations for donor-financed projects
·   Successful models of procurement for PPPs
·   Bidding for PPPs and bid evaluation criteria
·   Ensuring transparency in the procurement of PPPs.
·   Stakeholders’ management in PPP procurement and contracting
·   PPP Contract Management, Monitoring and Evaluation
·   Arbitration management in PPPs
·   Managing economic values of PPPs
Learning cycle from PPPs and policy support

Leaders, heads of departments, managers, supervisors, project managers, change agents and sponsors and all those involved in driving transformational change.

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Duration: 3 Days
Level: All Level

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