Power Grid Operations

Who Should Attend

Power Grid Operation training course focuses on how the electricity is generated in power plants and what steps are taken in order to deliver the generated electricity to the       customers with high reliability. Several control approaches are introduced for the generators in order to achieve stable operation of the power system.
This course teaches the modern control approaches implemented for generators to maintain the voltage and frequency within the limits. This course covers also the transmission level by introducing the concept of power flow as an advanced tool to calculate the operating points in the power system.

·   Understand the generator models and control.
·   Understand the concept of stability in power systems.
·   Understand the operation of a generator connected to the system.
·   Recognize the voltage/frequency controllers in generators.
·   Discuss different types of loads connected to the power systems.
·   Model the dynamics of governor and automatic voltage regulator (AVR).
·   Explain the step-by-step process of power flow analysis.

Power System Background
·   History of the power generation
·   Origins and evolution of the Electric Grid
·   What is a generator?
·   What is a transmission line?
·   Distribution system
·   Substations
·   Definition of loads
Fundamentals of Electric Power
·   Structure and Operations of the Electric Power System
·   Wholesale Electricity Markets
·   Power System Planning
·   Transmission and distribution (T&D) power grids
·   Electricity-generating capacity
·   Electricity distribution system
·   Power grid challenges and opportunities
·   Today’s Electric Grid
·   Interconnections of the Electric Grid
·   Global challenges and Opportunities
·   Transmission Capacity
·   System Operations
·   Integration of Variable Energy Resources
·   Transmission Expansion
·   Distributed Generation and Electric Vehicles
·   Distributed Generation
·   Micro Grid
·   Opportunities in Distribution System Operation
·   Electricity Demand
·   Utility Regulation
Different Power System Levels
·   Generation levels (power plants)
·   Transmission levels
·   Sub-transmission levels
·   Stations and substations
·   Distribution level
Synchronous Machines (Generators)
·   Basic operation principles of synchronous machines.
·   Rotor and stator definition
·   Field and armature windings
·   Magnetic flux in the airgap
·   Voltage generation.
Effect of Loads
·   Load forecasting
·   Frequency and ACE value
·   Constant power loads
·   Dynamic loads
Power Grid Evolution
·   Electric Power Struggles
·   Smart Grid evolution
·   Microgrid and Distributed Power Generation
·   Renewable energy
·   Climate change and mitigation
·   Need for planning

Individuals who need to understand how the electricity is generated in power plants. Investors and contractors who plan to make investments in this industry. Marketing people who need to know the background of the products they sell. Technicians, operators, and maintenance personnel who are or will be working at power plants or power system generation companies. Managers, and executives of power system industry.

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