Managing Shutdowns

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Certain projects and programs will come to an end for various reasons. It is inevitable that shutdowns are important factor of a maintenance strategy. Managers need to have competency on proper planning, scheduling, executing, monitoring and reporting shutdowns. 
This course addresses research-based needs of managers for shutdowns, outages and turnarounds. Through this course, participants will learn how to build shutdown plans, budgets, and teams and execute the plan

·   Learn  CPM and PERT charts
·   Delegate effective shutdown team
·   Produce a checklist of safety risks to protect their workers
·   Control a shutdown and evaluate its effectiveness
·   Budget effectively the next shutdown, turnaround or outage
·   Learn from their mistakes and institutionalize lessons learned
·   Get the most from their existing project management software
·   Security program for their shutdowns

·   Performance measurement for a shutdown
·   The balance and variance of Project management versus a typical shutdown
·   Defining Restriction
·   Transition and presentation
·   Stages of a shutdown
·   Audit plans
·   Shutdown Operation
·   Duties and liability
·   Analyze the origin of work
·   Verify the work
·   Covering the work for bidding
·   Urgency of work
·   Large task needs
·   Task program package
·   Organizing and estimating
·   How to operate safer shutdown
·   Treat lists
·   Background of project management
·   Software accessibility
·   Critical Path Method (CPM)
·   Outlook and vision
·   Float and crashing
·   Supply and strategy
·   Head personnel and material supplies
·   Strategic reference for parts, data and supplies
·   Developing and contract management
·   Contracting devices
·   Obtaining standard and security
·   Timelines
·   Managing enforcement
·   Start-up and Shutdown
·   D2D and assessment
·   Shutdown analysis meeting agenda
·   Failure skills of project leaders
·   Cost estimate and budgeting
·   Completion and conclusion
·   Storing files
Completion of overall checklist

Leaders, heads of departments, managers, supervisors, project managers, change agents and sponsors and all those involved in driving transformational change.

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