Leading Digital Transformation

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Creating a digitally transformed organization is not just about technology. It requires a new data-enabled strategy, a culture of innovation, a shared mission and a renewed value proposition. This program is comprised of 5 modules designed to guide leaders, managers and operational staff to deliver the change necessary to thrive in the digital economy. We show you how to approach strategy, planning and operations in a new way to help avoid business disruption whilst remaining relevant to customers and stakeholders.

·   Lead and understand your role in leading digital transformation, removing barriers
·   Create capacity and change practices
·   Create strategies and plans that are powered by evidence, experimentation and innovation
·   Develop the ‘digital mindset’ across all levels in the organization and change behaviors

The Digital Mindset
·   What is digital transformation?
·   Myths, missteps and hype to avoid
·   What does it take to truly digitally transform?
·   Disruptive, sustaining, collaborative & open innovation
·   How digital innovators think
Digital Planning
·   Transformation operating models – deciding ‘who’ and ‘how’ stakeholders should be involved in digital transformation
·   Using data to plot your digital transformation journey
·   Measurement, analytics and KPI creation
Creating a Culture of Digital Innovation
·   Creating a cultural mindset for digital innovation
·   What counts as innovation
·   How to select innovations
·   Identifying customer needs
·   Collaborative innovation
·   Design Thinking and Sprint – the design of products, services and new business models
·   Resources versus agility – How to find the right balance
Leveraging Emerging Technology
·   Emerging Technologies and How They Impact Strategy
·   The business capabilities of AI, IoT and Blockchain
·   Preparing Your Business for AI
·   Creating new business models inspired by emerging technology
·    Identifying the required skills, data and resources
·   Building a ‘next steps’ plan of action
Delivering Digital Transformation
·   Learn how to prioritize projects and resources using proven digital   transformation methods
·   Design thinking, sprints, agile & lean methods
Reducing risk by testing new value propositions

Leaders, heads of departments, managers, supervisors, project managers, change agents and sponsors and all those involved in driving transformational change.

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