Internet of Things (IoT): An Introduction

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This course covers the building blocks of Internet of Things (IoTs) and their characteristics comprising of various IoT levels with increasing levels of complexity. Domain specific Internet of Things and their real-world applications are described. A generic design methodology for IoT is presented. It will introduces to the programming aspects of Internet of Things with a view towards rapid prototyping of complex IoT applications.  Case studies with complete source code for various IoT domains including home automation, smart environment, smart cities, logistics, retail, smart energy, smart agriculture, industrial control and smart health, are described.

·   Understand IoT and its domains.
·   Understand the concept of various IoT systems

Introduction and Concepts
·   Introduction to Internet of Things
·   Domain Specific IoTs
·   IoT and M2M
·   Connecting sensors to Raspberry  Pi
·   Project proposal
·   IoT System Management
Developing Internet of Things
·   IoT Platforms – Design Methodology
·   IoT Systems – Logical Design using Python
·   IoT Physical Devices & Endpoints
·   Storing sensor data to the cloud
·   IoT Physical Servers & Cloud Offerings
·   Case Studies Illustrating IoT Design
·   Computing sensor data on the cloud
Advanced Topics
·   Data Analytics for IoT
·   Tools for IoT

Software Developers, Project Managers, Business and IT Managers, Anyone involved in the creation, maintenance, or enforcement of the organizational information security policy, practices and procedures.

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