Heat Medium System & Thermal Oil Boiler

Who Should Attend

The course is broadly designed to incorporate all issues related to heat systems starting with design aspects, installation, operation and maintenance.
It is intended to be a dynamic and interactive learning experience for delegates. It uses theory but emphasizes hands-on working exercises and guided discussions to provide thorough coverage of concepts and methodologies and to gain access to essential skills.

Participant will acquire a thorough understanding on:
·   Chemistry of oil boiler
·   Metallurgical analysis of failed boiler specimens
·   System and vessel design parameters
·   Combustion and heat transfer fundamentals
·   Burners nd boiler components and functions
·   Evaluate fired heater and boiler performance
·   Undertake effective measures to enhance equipment efficiency
Equipment Installation, Setup and Maintenance

·   Types of Heat Exchangers
·   Main Components of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
·   Operation of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
·   Factors Affecting the Performance of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
·   Oil Transfer Basics
·   Introduction to Oil Boilers
·   Introduction to Steam Boilers
·   Combustion in Boiler Furnaces
·   Burners & Combustion 
·   Combustion Control
·   Strat up and shutdown
·   Heat and Oil Transfer in Boiler Furnaces
·   Boilers Operation
·   Oil Boiler Operation
·   Water and Oil Tube Boiler Specifications 
·   Instruments for Boiler Measurements
·   Boiler Inspections
·   Design discussions
·   Boiler Efficiency Testing
·   Single Burner Boiler Operations
·   Design and review
·   Prevention of Boiler Explosions/Implosions NFPA8502
·   Environmental Issues
·   Occupational Safety, Health and Welfare
·   Air Pollution From Boilers
·   Problem solving techniques 
·   Troubleshooting of Oil heater and Boiler
·   Ray Oil Burner Introduction
·   Ray Oil Burner Specifications
·   Ray Oil Burner Maintenance
·   Etamatic controller installation
·   Etamatic controller startup
·   Etamatic Controller fault analysis
·   Jumo temperature  controller Introduction
·   Jumo Installation and Setup
·   Jumo Operation and Parameters
·   Centrifugal Pumps  Design
·   Centrifugal Pumps Function
·   Centrifugal Pumps Maintenance
·   Screw Pumps
·   General Review.

Heat Medium Inspectors, Boiler Technicians, Oil  Plant Operators, Maintenance Engineers, Operation Managers, Safety Officers, Environmental Officers, Heat Medium Design Engineers.

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Duration: 10 Days
Level: All Level

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