Enterprise Risk Management

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Enterprise Risk Management ERM is a prime function in many organizations as part of a bigger system known as Governance, Risk and Compliance GRC which starts with corporate governance and ends with compliance. This course will cover, the most accepted ERM system designed by the Committee of sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission COSO. Studies regarding risk management were done by different organizations, including ISO which issued ISO 31000 on risk management. It will teach the steps needed to control risk. It starts with the evaluation of the internal environment and the setting of objectives, the directives from corporate governance as well as the vision, mission and strategy. The course will tackle identifying and assessing risk, and decide on proper risk responses and controls, as well as monitoring, communicating and reporting risk.We come up with this course to address the “research-based” needs of executives and senior managers for customer focused management. This comprehensive workshop will ensure the effective and efficient management systems to keep satisfied and regular customers.

·   Identify internal and external changes that will create risks to the organization
·   Understand the relation with the board of directors through governance and improve Risk-Based Decision Making
·   Influence internal controls by choosing the response to the risks identified
·   Classify risk categories in the organization and identify the right authorities to manage them
·   Analyze, assess and improve risk management practices within the organization

Introduction- Risk Management Process
·   Risk perception
·   Why should we care about risk
·   Internal environment changes
·   External environment changes
·   Types of Risk Management Structures
·   The Risk Management Process (ISO 31000)
·   Establish the Context
·   Risk Identification
Risk management, corporate governance, Risk Identification and Formulation
·   Introduction to corporate governance
·   GRC concept: governance, risk and compliance
·   GRC system: governance, risks and controls
·   Risk Classification
·   External Environment
·   Internal Environment
·   Risk management as part of corporate governance
·   Governance failures
·   Risk based decision making
·   Risk Assessment – Identification and Analysis
·   Horizon Scanning
·   Techniques
·   Information gathering technique
·   Information Process Tools
·   Risk Formulation -The cause-and-Effect Relationship of Risk
Risk management in corporate control environment
·   Risk management’s influence on designing internal controls
·   Risk-based internal audit assessment of risk management performance
·   Organizational Resilience and Business Continuity Planning
·   Risk Control Techniques
·   Using Key Risk Indicators (KPI’s)
·   Creation of Risk Register
·   Risk Management Challenges
·   Risk Maturity
·   Enterprise Risk Management ( ERM)
Risk Ranking and Treatment
·   Risk Prioritization and Ranking (The Risk Ranking Matrix)
·   Risk Evaluation, Risk Vulnerability
·   Risk Appetite, Risk Tolerance and Risk Capacity
·   Risk Profile
·   Risk treatment and Response
·   Risk Monitoring and Reviewing
·   Risk Communication, Escalation and Reposting        
Risk Management Implementation and ERM Components
·   Risk Management Framework
·   Risk Strategy
·   Risk Appetite Statement (RAS)
·   Risk Governance
·   Risk Readiness Checklist
·   Leading the practice in Risk Management Implementation
Risk Language and Risk Management Vocabulary

This workshop is necessary for managers, senior managers, directors,  executives, financial controllers, senior accounting and finance personnel, and auditors.

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