Enhancing Community Contribution in Development

Who Should Attend

For organizations to provide relief and development services, it is required that they have proper input and participation from the target communities. Unfortunately, aid is considered as a gift and we need to change people’s mentality so that it does not kill the potential of beneficiaries to contribute.
We come up with this course to address the “research-based” needs of development workers and managers for enhancing community contribution to development. This comprehensive five-day training workshop will ensure the participants gain a change in their performance and not only some useful information.

·   Why community development needs community contribution
·   How to define a community
·   Steps in participatory planning
·   Community resource assessment
·   Community forums management
·   Sustainability and maintaining operation of a community forum
·   The concept of volunteerism and common interest at community level
·   Supports required for a community forum to perform public services as a CBO
·   Community development in urban settings

·   Principles of Community Assessment
·   Stakeholder management
·   Biases of rural development
·   Types of community forums
·   Community mobilization techniques
·   Define Common problems and common interest
·   Community leadership, roles and responsibilities
·   Leadership election and forum establishment
·   Registration with authorities and operational mechanisms
·   Training community leadership
·   Training and awareness at community in general
·   Executive role of community forums
·   Community volunteerism
·   Community resource planning
·   Fundraising for community development
·   Conflict management at community level
·   Gender and minority inclusion
·   Project management and community based procurement
·   Participatory monitoring
·   Grand scale contribution

Team leaders, NGO directors and project managers.

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Duration: 5 Days
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