Customer Focused Management Workshop

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In the modern customer care management, a smile and answering questions is so common that has almost lost value. It is the entire organization which determines how customer focused they are. A customer focused organization will consider customer while setting policies, while hiring new staff, while training their staff, while designing their product and while planning resources. In everything they do, they will consider customer first.
We come up with this course to address the “research-based” needs of executives and senior managers for customer focused management. This comprehensive workshop will ensure the effective and efficient management systems to keep satisfied and regular customers.

·   Improve operations and ensure more productive and streamlined customer service
·   Adopt leadership roles that can increase customer focused management
·   Work on customer retention and revenue growth
·   Reduced personnel turnover and increase teamwork
·   Lead a professional customer focused team.

·   Service/Production customer expectations
·   Vision and mission of the organization
·   My role in customer service
·   Living the brand with customer in mind
·   Mastering nonverbal communication
·   Enhancing Leadership and Interpersonal Communication Skills
·   Communication as a core competency
·   Personality styles
·   Overcoming communication barriers in the workplace
·   The supervisor’s role in conflict resolution and service recovery
·   How to Give and receive constructive feedback
·   Setting Customer Service Policies and Performance Standards
·   Why customer should be considered in every company policy
·   Workflow design that is customer friendly
·   Traditional manager versus TQM manager
·   Empowering frontline employees to better serve their customers
·   Building High-Performance Teams and Motivating Individuals
·   Team performance and focus on the customer
·   Building teamwork with support and recognition
·   Personal problems and work stress affecting customer service
·   The importance of attitude and teamwork
·   Leading the Way to Superior Customer Service
·   Recruiting, interviewing and hiring quality personnel
·   Professional development and continuous improvement
·   Setting performance goals and expectations
Your strength is determined by the weakest team member

Leaders, heads of departments, managers, supervisors, project managers, change agents and sponsors and all those involved in driving transformational change.

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Duration: 3 Days
Level: All Level

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