Boiler Operation, Maintenance & Safety

Who Should Attend

The course is broadly designed to incorporate all issues related to oil boilers starting with design aspects, installation, and operation and boiler maintenance. Other issues are included within the course such as legal requirements and regulations, environmental and safety aspects, energy consumption, boiler efficiency and operating a treatment plant. For more course details, please refer to the course topics.

Participant will acquire a thorough understanding on:
·   Chemistry of oil boiler
·   Oil treatment for scale, corrosion, and carryover control
·   Treatment options oil boiler system pressures
·   Options and precautions associated with boiler chemical cleaning,
·   Metallurgical analysis of failed boiler specimens
·   Chemistry of ion exchange resins and the operation of systems using ion exchange resins for water purification,
·   System and vessel design parameters

·   Introduction & Course overview
·   Introduction to Oil Boilers
·   Introduction to Steam Boilers
·   Combustion in Boiler Furnaces
·   Burners & Combustion 
·   Combustion Control
·   Oil Transfer Basics I
·   Heat Transfer Basics II
·   Heat and Oil Transfer in Boiler Furnaces
·   Boilers Operation
·   Oil Boiler Operation
·   Water and Oil Tube Boiler Specifications 
·   Heat Balance on Steam Generators
·   Discussions
·   High Temperature Insulation and Refractories in Boilers
·   Energy Efficient Operation
·   Discussions of Energy Efficient Operations
·   Fundamentals of Feed Water Treatment
·   Instruments for Boiler Measurements I
·   Instruments for Boiler Measurements II
·   Boiler Inspections
·   Design discussions
·   Boiler Efficiency Testing
·   Single Burner Boiler Operations
·   Design review and computer simulations
·   Prevention of Boiler Explosions/Implosions NFPA8502
·   Design Discussions
·   Environmental Issues
·   Occupational Safety, Health and Welfare
·   Air Pollution From Boilers

Boiler Inspectors, Boiler Technicians, Oil  and Steam Plant Operators, Maintenance Engineers, Operation Managers, Safety Officers, Environmental Officers, Boiler Design Engineers.

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