Artificial Intelligence (AI): Principles and Techniques

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) aims to make computers and information systems more “intelligent” to solve complex problems and provide more natural and effective services to human beings. AI has been a source of innovative ideas and techniques in computer science and has been widely applied to many information systems. This course provides a comprehensive, introduction to artificial intelligence, emphasizing advanced topics such as advanced search, reasoning and decision-making under uncertainty, and machine learning.

·   Provide the attendees with comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of AI principles and techniques.
·   Introducing AI’s fundamental problems, and the state-of-the-art models and algorithms used to undertake the problems.
Expose attendees to the frontiers of AI-intensive computing and information systems, while providing a sufficiently strong foundation to encourage further research

Advanced Searching
·   Informed Search and Online Search
·   Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSP) and Distributed CSP
·   Games and Adversarial Search
Knowledge, Reasoning, and Decision Making under Uncertainty
·   Logic, Inference, and Ontology
·   Automated Planning and Acting (Optional)
·   Uncertainty, Graphical Models, and Probabilistic Reasoning
·   Temporal Probabilistic Reasoning and Dynamic Bayesian Networks
·   Complex Decision-Making
Machine Learning
·   Inductive and Analytic Learning
·   Computational Learning Theory and Statistical Learning
·   Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning and Multiagent Learning
AI for Communication, Robotics, and Information Systems
·   Natural Language Understanding and Statistical Language Processing
·   Perception and Robotics (Optional)
·   AI in Business Intelligence and E-Learning (Optional)

Software Developers, Project Managers, Business and IT Managers, Anyone involved in the creation, maintenance, or enforcement of the organizational information security policy, practices and procedures.

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