WASH Governance Workshop

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The WASH Governance Training Programme has been developed to provide a resource to strengthen governance and  sustainability in the WASH sector. The approach is based on the recognition that ‘concepts’ are not sufficient to translate theories into practice and therefore the programme includes tools and methodologies to promote good governance and sustainable services.
The purpose of the WASH governance training programme is to equip water and sanitation sector practitioners (trainers, capacity builders, NGOs, facilitators) in developing training programmes on water and sanitation governance and how to advocate good governance and best practices in practice. It is also to develop WASH institutional capacity through increased knowledge, understanding and action in terms of strengthening and improving WASH policy, planning, financing, institutional arrangements, and regulation with a focus on the local level.

·   To provide an overall grounding in the area of WASH governance, what it means, the different components of WASH governance and its relevance to poverty reduction and sustainable services.
·   To provide tools and methodologies to promote good WASH governance within different contexts.

·   Understanding the WASH sector
·   Contextualizing WASH challenges within a locality (district / municipal area)
·   Understanding what is meant by WASH governance
·   WASH Policy
·   Institutional arrangements
·   Financing
·   Infrastructure
·   Planning
·   Monitoring and regulation
·   Methodology of the WASH Governance Training

Team leaders, NGO directors and project managers.

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Duration: 5 Days
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