Managing Workplace Conflicts


Workplace conflicts are unavoidable when a team grows big. Managers need to be equipped with skills of dealing effectively with workplace conflict. Such skills are useful to bring important issues to light, open communication and build on relationships. Unmanaged conflict in the workplace can lead to reduced levels of motivation, teamwork and   cooperation, which can diminish employee commitment and lower.
This course provides useful strategies to remain composed and deal confidently with disagreements, confrontations, anxiety and anger. It is is proven to help professionals deal with a variety of workplace conflicts.

·   Successful conflict management strategies
·   Remain calm during highly charged situations
·   Apply the proven 6-step formula for resolving conflict
·   Establish positive relationships with chronically difficult personalities
·   Address problem behavior in a way that is specific, non-accusatory and constructive
·   Deal effectively with anger and emotions related to conflict

·   Why conflicts happen in workplace
·   Human characters and the differences
·   HR policies that can address conflicts in workplace
·   Non-violent policy
·   Win-win conflict resolution
·   Two sides of a conflict—people and issues
·   Active listening skills to address conflicts
·   Skills for conflict managers
·   Identifying disagreements
·   Applying cause and effects
·   Proposing a resolution framework
·   Applying a resolution framework
·   Removing thoughts and feelings of retribution
·   How stress can cause conflicts in workplace
·   Relaxation skills to control stress and relieve tension
·   How to say NO
·   Controlling emotions to avoid conflict
·   Handling wrong expectations and frustrated people
·   How to avoid an outburst
·   Developing skills to avoid conflicts

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