Interior Design & Home Decoration

Who Should Attend

This course will be provided as an intensive-interactive and hands-on workshop related to design. It will develop your practical skills in the designing of interiors and will guide you through the design processes used by professional interior designers.
This course will introduce you to the three-dimensional thinking and analysis as you develop your concept and begin to plan an interior space. It will teach you the primary drawing and presentation techniques used to professionally communicate with clients.
Equipped with unrivalled Education, experience and expertise, our tutor’s practical approach will guide you through the journey of professional interior design.

·   Learn the basics of Interior design
·   Acquire the tips and tricks to decorate spaces
·   Improve your creative ability to design
·   Learn how professionals do the Home Edits and Space Makeover
·   Learn how to make a better selection of furniture & accessories

By the end of this course you will develop a range of design related skills, and the confidence to start applying your skills to a domestic design scheme by yourself. You will also identify the key elements and principles of design and manipulate them to create the required mood by creating mood boards for different spaces, color scheme set out, furniture and home accessories selection.

This course is designed for people who have the flair to design. Whether your own home or another      project, if you have the desire to design interiors    professionally, this course is for you.

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Duration: 5 Days
Level: All Level

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